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Okanogan County Fire District 6 (OCFD6) is a professional organization of volunteer and career firefighters that provides fire, rescue, and emergency response services throughout the Methow Valley in Washington State.

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It has been a difficult summer for the Methow Valley, but we’re starting to recover. From July 14 through August 26, our volunteer firefighters spent 1,840 hours responding to the Carlton Complex and Rising Eagle Fires and 43 other emergency calls. To put that number in perspective, in 2013 our volunteers logged a total of 1,716 hours responding to calls. Some facts and figures about the worst wildland fire in Washington State history:

Carlton Complex slideshowCarlton Clomplex Fire Slideshow




  Acres Burned: 256,108 acres (400.2 square miles)
  Homes Lost: 237 homes and 55 cabins on the
    Carlton Complex, plus 12 homes on the Rising Eagle Fire, and 12 more damaged or destroyed in mudslides.
  Power Outage: 17-29 July, affecting 6,472 people.
  Power System: 1,005 poles damaged with 659
    poles needed to be replaced
  911 Dispatch: 1186 calls on 18 July, normal day
    averages 350 calls
  Firefighters:  3,000+ firefighters on scene
  Aircraft: 16 aircraft on scene

(Portions of the data provided by Okanogan County Sheriff’s Dept., Div. of Emergency Management)




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