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Okanogan County Fire District 6 (OCFD6) is a professional organization of volunteer and career firefighters that provides fire, rescue, and emergency response services throughout the Methow Valley in Washington State.

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Special Meeting of Commissioners 6/24/19 7:00pm at Twisp Fire Hall to discuss purchase of a new Fire Tender.


Homeowners can do many things in preparation for protecting their property from the threat of wildfire, and now is a good time to get started. Your spring cleaning now will help firefighters access and protect your home in the event of wildfire, and may even save it if help is unable to get there in time.

Access to your property is a crucial concern. Remove all dead trees, brush, and branches to a height of 13.5 feet along driveways. Remember that fire engines are high and wide and also need more side clearance than your car, up to 10 feet. Some are over 30 feet in length and must be able to negotiate the entrance to your driveway. They can also need up to 96 feet in diameter of clear space in order to turn around. A visible address sign at the head of your driveway is always helpful for firefighters as well as other First Responders.

There are several simple steps you can take to start protecting your home and outbuildings. Remove all flammable materials including firewood, dry or dead vegetation, and dead tree limbs to at least 30 feet from any building. Clean off roofs and under decks or porches. If it can catch fire, move it away. 

Keep your lawn green whenever possible. Dry or brown grass should be mowed regularly. Flying embers are just as dangerous as direct flames since they will travel long distances on the strong winds that often accompany wildfire. If you can, completely enclose or use fine mesh metal screening on soffits, decks, porches, eaves, and vents. This will add extra protection to these areas that trap flying embers. 

If you are planning to build or remodel, consider using fire resistant materials. A metal roof is better than composition or shakes in resisting wildfire. Materials such as stucco, masonry, and the newer cement exterior siding and trim material will resist fire better than wood or vinyl. 

Now is the time for a good spring cleaning and these are just a few things you can start in preparing your home and property in the event of wildfire. Keep in mind that creating a survivable space for your home will require continual maintenance and your thoughtful attention throughout the fire season.

More information is available at MethowReady is a resource created locally to help you prepare for a wide range of emergencies and disasters including wildfire. Check out their website at

If you are a resident of Okanogan County Fire District 6 and would like a free assessment of what you can do to make your space more defensible, contact Chief Cody Acord at 997-2981 or






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