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Okanogan County Fire District 6 (OCFD6) is a professional organization of volunteer and career firefighters that provides fire, rescue, and emergency response services throughout the Methow Valley in Washington State.

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Daylight Savings Reminders

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday March 10th.  Besides adjusting your clocks, it’s time to perform the semi-annual maintenance on your smoke detectors.
The beginning and ending of Daylight Savings Time are great reminders to replace the batteries in your home smoke detectors.  These are also great times to clean and test them as well.  Be sure to check the manufacturers date on your detectors.   All smoke detectors 10 years old or older need to be replaced.  There is usually a sticker with a date of manufacture printed on it attached to the unit between the mounting bracket and the detector itself.
To clean your detectors simply blow them out with a can of compressed air (like you use to clean a computer keyboard).  Dust and bugs that get inside the detectors can cause them to malfunction.  It’s recommended that you clean your smoke detectors at least once a month.
Each time after you’ve cleaned your smoke detector, be sure to test it.  You may want to wear some hearing protection prior to pushing the test button.  The tone emitted is quite loud.
In addition to smoke detector maintenance, cleaning your chimney now will help reduce the risk of having a chimney fire before the end of winter.  Burning in an inefficient manner and at a lower temperature causes creosote deposits on the inside of your chimney.  Over time these deposits can be significant and under certain conditions may ignite, resulting in a chimney fire.  Intense chimney fires can damage the chimney to the point where it would fail and spread to the surrounding structure. 
Check with your stove’s manufacturer for a list of best practices and most efficient use of your appliance.  Cleaning your chimney and adjusting your burning practices will help keep your property and family safe.




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